Heat-themed silkscreen printing

In this assignment, you will create a silkscreen print that relates to the theme of heat. You can focus on expressing the human experience of heat and heat vulnerability here in Phoenix. You can also more generally experiment with inks, fabrics, and designs that represent, express, or respond to heat.

While your print does not necessarily need to involve thermochromic materials, you are encouraged to play with thermochromic fabrics and pigments, as well as the thermal cameras and solar pigments.

Your final print can be on any material, and could be part of a larger concept (mural, graffiti, etc.). Please think outside the box and go beyond a “t-shirt that changes color based on temperature” 🙂

To receive full credit for this assignment, you must show your process (what you tried and any iterations on your design, stencil, or paint) and articulate why you chose to create your particular print.

Post pictures and a description of your work on the blog under the “heat” category.

This assignment is worth 5 points
2 points for creating a print or set of prints that relate to the theme of heat
1 point for showing your process (what you tried)
2 points for clearly articulating your design rationale

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