Jennifer Weiler – Heat Themed Silkscreen Print

In my silkscreen print, I was interested in differentiating the presence of heat and sunlight, two things that seem inseparable to us in Arizona. As a base material, I used the grey color change fabric that turns white in heat. I then printed a scene depicting some mountains using white ink, in the hope that that part of the image would disappear in the presence of heat when the clothe turned white. On top of that, I printed an image of a sun in solar-sensitive orange ink, which should be invisible when not in direct sunlight, but orange when in direct sunlight. The only way the whole image can be seen (both the white mountains and the orange sun) is if the cloth can be displayed in sunlight in the absence of heat. While there are places in the world where this would be possible, here in Phoenix is not one of them.

Left: intended appearance without heat and sun
Middle: intended appearance with heat and sun
Right: intended appearance with sun but without heat

Printing results are not quite as good as I would have hoped. For the most part, the print of the mountains came out great and I was really happy with it. However, because of the difference in ink and fabric texture, it is possible to tell the image from the background even in intense heat. The print of the sun bled a little bit, and is still visible even when the fabric is not in direct sunlight. It also seems to not be doing a good job changing color in direct sunlight, which could be because I did not use enough of the color-changing powder when mixing the ink for the print.

Left: appearance without heat and sun
Right: appearance with heat and sun


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