Having to carry out daily activities under the flashing solar rays is not the nicest thing you experience in an “Arizona Summer”. My first impression, after arriving here was “OMG! this is an oven”. But later I realized there is a cooler side of being closer to sun than others. (yeah, few inches to Mercury!). The very same solar rays trying to bake us off can be used to charge our mobile phone or laptop, or may be light up our whole apartment without burning Petroleum. Yes, the Heat is Cool, when it gives free energy!


The idea of my project “Heat is Cool”  is to create solar sensitive self illuminating screen prints to be used as a simple awareness platform to indicate the potential locations to make solar powered energy. The message printed on the material, “Cool” in this case, starts to illuminate by changing to a contrasting color when exposed to the sun. “Hey, isn’t it cooler to put some solar panels here?”


  • Cut the stencils using the vinyl cutter machine.
  • Create self illuminating ink by mixing white (or clear) base paint and solar dust.

    White colour base and Solar dust
    White colour base and Solar dust
  • Print on a thermo-chromic material which changes to a colour different from the illuminating colour when exposed to sun.

    Thermo-chromic fabrics
    Thermo-chromic fabrics


Not exposed to the sun
Exposed to Sun
exposed to sun

I tried few combinations to get the “self-illuminating” effect. And third one was the closest to my expectation.

Potential (if everything goes well 😉 )

_MG_5944 copy2

Thanks for reading, stay cool!

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