Heat or UV exposure indicator

In this assignment, you will play around with Arduino and low cost temperature, UV, and Temp/Pressure sensors.

Create an Arduino-based circuit that drives your sensor and creatively shows its output. You should demonstrate that your project does indeed respond to different solar/temperature conditions by documenting your sensor and output in a few different settings.

Document your project on the class blog under the “heat sensing” category. Include a photo or video and a brief description explaining what you made, why you made it, and what you learned.

This assignment is worth 5 points
2 points for creating an Arduino circuit and code for sensing heat or UV radiation
1 point for visualizing sensor output beyond just the terminal printouts
1 point for describing what you did and why you did it (including pictures or videos)
1 point for describing what you learned (if you are fluent with Arduino and sensing, what did you do to make this assignment interesting and challenging for yourself?)

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