Soil System – Terraced Terrarium

For my project, I wanted to create a way for people to explore and understand different types of soil and what types of plants grow in them. To do this, I designed a terraced terrarium, which would contain different types of soil and plants on the different terraces.


Sketch of Terrace Terrarium – in this version, the terraces are divided by the dryness of climate (1st being full water, 2nd swampland, 3rd rocky soil, 4th sand). Theoretically, people could try only watering the top and then using overflow to water the rest of the terraces based on how much water trickles down, but that could end disastrously.

terraced terrarium print

Printed Model – even for tiny plants, the final version would need to be larger than this model, and would have to be watertight.

This piece could help to demonstrate how different soil and water combinations can be beneficial to different types of plants, even when they are exposed to similar temperatures and amounts of sunlight.

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