Everyday food science

Broadly speaking, food science studies the preservation, selection, storage, and distribution of foods. Everyday food science practices include fermenting, brewing, or pickling edible materials, foraging, bartering, or dumpster diving for food. Through its long tradition of experimenting and tinkering, at-home food science engages with many critical sustainability issues: food preservation and security, human health and nutrition, and everyday scientific literacy.

In this assignment, you will conduct and document a food science experiment. Your project can focus on creating a new flavor (e.g., apple-flavored sour kraut); trying a new method (e.g., cold-brewing); or simply creating something you have not made before (e.g., sour dough starter). Most importantly, you should try something that is informed by prior knowledge but where the outcome is uncertain.

Clearly document what your goals were, how you designed your ‘experiment’, and what you achieved (include pictures and a description of flavors, smells, appearance, etc). If this project developed over the course of several days, document the transition! To receive full credit, you must also relate your work to the broader themes in everyday food science:

  • Materially-oriented practice (how did materials inform and shape your work?)
  • Sustainability (how is your project positioned in relationship to mainstream production?)
  • Scientific literacy (what scientific knowledge did your project draw upon? how can this knowledge be shared?)

Post your project under the ‘foodscience‘ category.

This assignment is worth 5 points
2 point for conducting a food science experiment and documenting the results
1 point for describing how materials influenced your work
1 point for contextualizing your project within sustainability issues
1 point for discussing how your project relates to scientific literacy

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