Bio indicators

Since I’m still new to Phoenix, I have interviewed one of my friends, a resident in Phoenix since birth to get an idea about local bio indicators. She mentioned about the activities of mosquitoes as an indication of rain. According to her, mosquitoes come out noticeably in numbers few hours before a rain. Personally I have neither experienced this in last two months here in Phoenix nor in places I lived before.

But I have a similar experience in Sri Lanka with a bird species called Hirundo rustica. In singhalese we call it “wahi-lihiniya” which means rain bird. They started to fly as groups indicating a rain is coming soon. According to my experience this is kind of a reliable indication.

Further, I have gone through a scholarly article on using  Ant groups as bioindicators of Forest Health in Northern Arizona Ponderosa Pine Forests. According to them the size, kind and the activities of the ant groups can be used as indicators to measure the severity of the disturbances happened to the forest eco system as results of wildfires.

Unfortunately I was unable to experience any bio indicators specific to the Phoenix area by my self yet.

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