Final Project Ideas

Usable Trash Repurposing old toys and toy components
Beer bottle hydroponics system

Beer bottle + LED bulb

Instant papier mache
Light saber
Discarded yo-yo used in skirt to light up with a spin
Block printing system
Reflective surfaces art
DIY wagon
Find new purpose for a tooth brush motor
Christmas trees that are not trees
DIY loom
Rainbow maker
Holiday décor
Repurpose plastic bags
Soda can heating system
DIY Bio Vermicomposting kit
DNA extraction kit
Bacterial culture kit
Ginger ale
Fruit ripening system
Art Art machines
Graded thermochromics
LED toys to blinking capes and costumes
Laptop bag with Wi-Fi detector
Seat that lights up when you sit on it
Glow stick creations
Culture Recreate traditional baby carrying systems
Find out, through interviews, what happens to old toys, gadgets, and “stuff”
Interview artists-makers-scientists about their transitions across the interface

In the spirit of sustainability preliminary notes were taken on a restaurant menu.

WP_20151020_10_37_37_ProWP_20151020_10_37_43_Pro (1)

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