Final project grading rubric

Your final project is graded out of 35 points and counts towards 35% of your final grade:

  • 4 points – brainstorming
    • your 30 ideas & post-its brought to class
  • 6 points – project pitch
    • clear and convincing write-up and in-class pitch of your idea
  • 3 points – project status update
    • you posted your status update to the class blog
  • 4 points – project concept
    • new interesting, creative concept
    • concept does not replicate what has been done by others
    • concept is inspired by something in the real world
    • concept is relevant to the theme of heat
  • 2 points – mastery of class material
    • project references citizen science concepts from this class
    • project is appropriate for your skill level
  • 1 point – external skills or concepts
    • project incorporates something we did not learn in class
  • 8 points – project demo Dec 1
    • the extent to which the project actually works during the demo session
    • how polished your demo is visually
  • 8 points – project documentation and write-up Due Dec 8
    • clearly shows the design rationale, process, and iteration
    • clearly shows how your project was made (diagram, parts list, materials used)

If you want to be included as a co-author on the DIS submission, please also email me a 3 paragraph academic-style writeup by Tuesday, Dec 8. The paragraphs should be:

  • your motivation (why you chose your topic and what your goals were)
  • your process (how you did what you did, your materials, iterations, etc.)
  • your outcomes (what you achieved and how this contributes new academic knowledge)



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