Final Project Status Update

My initial idea for the DIY Science final project is to build a Solar powered chiller using compressed air. Main idea here is to implement an experimental setup since this idea is facing a heap of implementation challenges.

I received the components needed in the second week of November- a copper tube and a DC air compressor. I tested the practical feasibility of this system using a simple setup. After several failed attempts I was able to use the system to reduce the temperature of water (around 750ml) from 2C degrees. But I couldn’t reproduce the same results because of the problems I had in my setup.

After this initial experiment, I realised even though the concept of the system is somewhat formidable, building a functional prototype is beyond the DIY level because of the following reasons.

  • Compressor draws around 5A current which is hard to supply from Solar panels.
  • Difficulties in making the copper tube air tight at the two ends
  • Difficulties in re-shaping of the copper tube to have a coil shape

Even though, making of a functional system is not feasible, I believe this idea has a potential of becoming a reality at industrial level with tailor-made components and techniques.  Because of this, I shifted my focus to speculate on future design possibilities rather than making a fully functional system.

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