This course draws materially-oriented work with digital, organic, and analog materials as well as theoretical concepts from HCI (Human Computer Interaction), design, and STS (Science and Technology Studies). Classes will include graduate level seminar discussions, hands-on prototyping sessions, fieldwork with practitioners, and site visits and contextual observations.

Weekly assignments will cover high-tech and low-tech approaches for supporting public participation in science. Final projects will envision and prototype systems that engage with topics such as low-cost environmental monitoring, quotidian food science, DIY biology, and political participation in science. Students will apply HCI and user-centered design methods to the development of systems that scaffold public participation in science.

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Instructor Name: Stacey Kuznetsov
Instructor Email: kstace@asu.edu
Meeting Days and Hours: Tuesday 12pm-2pm; Stauffer B204
Office Hours: Tuesday 2pm-3pm or by appointment; Stauffer B270
Semester and Year: Fall 2015
Hours of operation: For Lab, Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm, 10-6 Sat

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