All assignments are due by 11.59pm on the day of the deadline!
b assignments are blogging and research assignments
m assignments have a maker/prototyping component

b1. introductions | due Sept 1 | see introductions
join the blog and share a citizen science project
m1. heat-themed silkscreen printing | due Sept 8  | see prints
create a print that relates to the theme of heat
b2. look, ask, try, learn | due Sept 15 | see observations
research heat-related initiatives in Phoenix, observe a heat-coping activity
m2. heat sensing | due Sept 22 | see heat sensors
create a sensor and indicator for UV or heat exposure
m3. soil system | due Sept 29 | see soil concepts
create a soil system concept
b3. biomarkers and bio-indicators | due Oct 6 | see biomarkers
research local biomarker/bioindicator and report observations of this organism
m4. food science | due Oct 20 
run a rood science experiment and report the results
final project part 1: brainstorming | due Oct 20
come up with 30 ideas for your final project
final project part 2: pitch | due Oct 27 
project proposal and pitch to the class
final project part 3: status update | due Nov 17 
post your project status update
final project showcase | Dec 1

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