Before you do anything watch this video.

UPDATE: If you are interested in doing a collective final project, read this first. If you want to work on ‘using heat for good’ as a class project, you can center your brainstorming around that.

If you’d rather work on something different, you can think of ideas across a range of citizen science topics (environment, food, biology, politics, education, etc.).

Either way, your task is to come up with 30 ideas for your final project. Go for breadth! Do not worry about what’s realistic or possible, and don’t think about implementation!

Write or sketch/draw each idea on a separate post-it note. Each note can be just a few words, but be specific. For example:

  • a plant that cleans up soil pollutants
  • a story book that narrates fermentation

Do not get stuck on one specific idea (do not submit 25 ideas that all sound like this):

  • air quality sensing on a bike
  • air quality sensing on a watch
  • air quality sensing on a shirt

Lay out your 30 post-its on a table, take a picture and upload it to the class blog under the “brainstorming” category. Bring all of your post-its to class on Thursday!

This assignment is worth 4 points
3 points for posting a picture of your 30 ideas on the class blog
1 point for brining all your post-its to class