Soil Concepts for the Young Scientist

Young scientists, also known as  children, make useful and pertinent observations regarding natural phenomenon. Their interaction with soil and sand is also more personal and regular than the kind of interactions that adults in urban areas have. Even with limitations like lack of open patches of dirt or uncultivated land, expectations of more structured play, children explore and draw relevant conclusions about soil systems. This infographic is meant to tie their conclusions together in a scientific manner to help them decide the quality of the soil they are interacting with. Questions about bad smelling soil and its implications can be answered with the help  of this infographic.

For older enthusiasts capable of growing microorganisms in a petri dish, I plan to create a similar infographic based on a shape sorter theme. Microorganisms growing in colonies in a petri dish show unique physical and chemical properties that can be used to identify them.

dirt detectives (1)