Final Project – Solar Refrigerator

How to: Solar Refrigerator

The hotter it gets, the more important it is for cool food to stay cold!

There are 2 types of solar refrigerators –
the high tech expensive kind
(use a solar panel to power a normal-functioning refrigerator
the also technical but less expensive kind
(uses a coolant heated up by the sun to draw heat out of the refrigerator)
This will be an attempt to create one of the second kind

most common cooling materials: lithium bromide or ammonia

* ammonia is poisonous, so must handle with caution

single-effect devices coefficient of performance: 0.6-0.7
(60 to 70 Btus of cooling for every Btus of input heat)
Btus – British thermal units

some pipe
a bucket of water
some calcium chloride (absorbent)
ammonia or lithium bromide (as refrigerant)
sheet of shiny metal (solar collector)
something with good insulation to work as refrigerator


Solar ammonia absorption ice maker – good pictures, diagrams, & descriptions

Their description of materials and pricing:
Quan Material Cost
4 Sheets galvanized metal, 26 ga. $100
1 3″ Black Iron Pipe, 21′ length $75
120 Sq. Ft. Mirror Plastic @$0.50/sq. ft. $60
2 1/4″ Stainless Steel Valves $50
Evaporator/Tank (4″ pipe) $40
Freezer Box (free if scavenged) $40
1 Sheet 3/4″ plywood $20
6 2x4s, 10 ft long $20
Miscellaneous 1/4″ plumbing $20
2 3″ caps $15
1 1/4″ Black Iron Pipe, 21′ length $15
4 78″ long 1.5″ angle iron supports $15
Other hardware $15
15 Lbs. Ammonia @ $1/lb $15
10 Lbs. Calcium Chloride @ $1/lb $10
Total $510



paper on how to build a solar ammonia absorption refrigerator
senior design project

Click to access 1113.pdf


How to make a solar-powered refrigerator- solar design wiki


absorption refrigerator solar prototype from Chile

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